Jack Whiting

I'm a product designer and developer from the United Kingdom. I've worked with plenty of companies over the last 10 years doing web design, UI/UX design and front-end development.


Hello, My name is Jack Whiting.

I am a product designer and developer based in Nottingham, United Kingdom. I take pride in building custom solutions which solve a companies problem. The majority of my time is spent between agency work, freelancing and side projects.

As a developer, I pride myself on building websites which function well, have great design, simplicity and speed. I play with WordPress, Laravel and Shopify to build easily accesible websites.

Recent Works

  • Thumbnail of Hole Hearted

    Hole Hearted

    WordPress WooCommerce Ecommerce

    Hole Hearted were looking to move from their Big Cartel platform and provide a more professional image with a new site. They wanted their new site to promote the products at the forefront and show their character and soul.

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  • Thumbnail of London Apartments

    London Apartments

    WordPress Bespoke

    Robert & Polly came to us requesting an update to their apartment booking service in London. They wanted to give it a fresh look and provide the user with a better experience to increase conversion rate.

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