Laracon Online 2018

On the 7th February, I attended not only my first online conference but my first Laravel dedicated conference and simply put - it was amazing.

Laracon Online 2018 featured talks that covered both technical and theoretical topics and were delivered by speakers who possessed complete passion and charisma.

One of my main highlights was Jonathan Reinink who delivered a talk about "Advanced Querying with Eloquent" which even now, 6 days later, had me astounded. The talk was given in an easy to digest manner and delivered information I'd never even thought about. I wanted to back and refactor all of my applications instantly. I'll need to rewatch this one so that I can make sure I didn't miss anything.

Another personal favourite was Steve Schoger who showed how the little considerations and changes with your UI can make a whole world of difference. The talk titled "The Little Details of UI Design" went over taking a design and making minor tweaks to improve the overall UI, flow and absorption of information - amazing stuff.

Steve also tweets about little tips on a regular basis and I highly recommend you check his Twitter.

Every talk was really well informed and Ian Landsman did an outstanding job of putting the whole thing together and delivering it all for a low price of $25. I do recommend heading to the official site and taking a peek at the videos (plus some digital swag).

It'll be a no-brainer if another Laracon Online event takes place that I'll be getting a ticket instantly.