London Apartments

Robert & Polly came to us requesting an update to their apartment booking service in London. They wanted to give it a fresh look and provide the user with a better experience to increase conversion rate.

I rebuilt the search engine the site was running off. Using Latitude and Longitude values with Google Maps to find key areas in London and provide appropriate results.

To enhance the search, an advanced filter was built for the properties which allowed the user to limit the results returned and find the ideal property for them as well as collect data for Robert & Polly about the stay.

Property pages were built to provide details to the user, as well as near by locations such as hospitals and tubes (both pulled via Google Maps API).

The design was created by a colleague at Adtrak to implement the property location search.

After everything was built and tested, we included some rich meta elements to provide better search results in Google. Then the site was cached to reduce the load on the database from multiple requests.

Image of London Apartments