Crohn's Tracker

Crohn’s Tracker started as a passion project for myself and later became my dissertation project at University. The application was aimed at people living with Crohn’s Disease and helping them communicate with others whilst managing their condition.

The application was built to allow users to track their symptoms, food that was eaten, medication and appointments. A lot of features were provided with fine-grained privacy controls so the user could share details they wanted to and hide any the did not.

On top of the tracking system, I built a small social network which posted any shared information to friends and followers. This allowed for a communication element around certain medications, procedures and foods and allowed for a community support.

The project was a test of my skills and project management. It was built on a combination of Ember and Laravel as an API. This allowed me to provide real-time information to the user.

Although this was never released publically, it was an incredibly fun side project that enhanced my skills.

Image of Crohn's Tracker