Below are a few examples of the work I’ve done over the years. These are all built using WordPress, Shopify or Laravel. If you are looking for specific emails, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to provide them.

Hole Hearted

Hole Hearted were looking to move from their Big Cartel platform and provide a more professional image with a new site. They wanted their new site to promote the products at the forefront and show their character and soul.

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London Apartments

Robert & Polly came to us requesting an update to their apartment booking service in London. They wanted to give it a fresh look and provide the user with a better experience to increase conversion rate.

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Rising Star Programme

One of my first projects at Adtrak was to create a one-page promotional website for the Rising Star Programme ran by Kruger Cowne. The promotion was to find one person from across the world to send into space.

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Crohn's Tracker

Crohn’s Tracker started as a passion project for myself and later became my dissertation project at University. The application was aimed at people living with Crohn’s Disease and helping them communicate with others whilst managing their condition.

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Door County Event Planners

Door County Event Planners wanted a website which showed off their character and allowed people to truly understand the passion they put into their event planning.

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