Picking Laravel Back Up

Over the past few weeks, I've finally got around to working with Laravel again in my agency. The last time I used the framework on commercial projects was back at version 4, this was when I was working with a team on Pancake App.

The majority of my time these days is spent building Wordpress sites and plugins such as; Raw Halo. (A commerce store built on WooCommerce) and the Skip Hire Plugin to allow skip companies to purchase skips from their websites.

Finally, we got in some projects which are bespoke, allowing for the use of Laravel. It feels such a relief and a breath of fresh air to pick it back up again and start working on some projects which don't fit the usual remit of work done within my agency.

I've currently got a few big projects lined up including custom product configurators and a quotation comparison service, which I'll hopefully get some previews of later!

It feels great having the freedom to mould applications to my requirements along with an amazing community of support.

Woo, Laravel.


17 Oct 2017


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