I made the decision to move on from Adtrak to pursue an opportunity with Fifteen. My last day at Adtrak will be the 13th February 2018 and this both feels daunting and exciting all combined into one.

Over the last few years I have worked on some great, and challenging, projects with the team at Adtrak, helped them transition to provide more development heavy products such as WordPress Plugins and Laravel Applications, and helped formalise a standardisation across the department for Sass, JavaScript and PHP.

Overall, I was looking for new opportunities to progress myself on a development level and have always wanted to work with Vue.js and Laravel more extensively. I'm hoping the new position allows for this within a solid environment.

Fifteen have a love for Laravel (nearly) as much as myself and by working with them I hope to bring my enthusiasm and knowledge and combine it with their infrastructure, team and clients to create some truly awesome projects. Watch this space.

I'll be starting on the 19th February 2017 and can't wait to get stuck in as soon as possible!