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Why You should Use Fathom Analytics

I have been using Fathom Analytics since they launched Version 2 in October 2019, I was not sure I was going to carry on after my trial expired but I have not cancelled and have no plans to! In the following article, I want to talk a bit about why I use Fathom and provide a review so far.

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Moving to Figma

I recently moved my web design workflow away from Sketch & Adobe XD to Figma full time. Here I'll cover the reasons why it works for me, and how it could for you.

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Setting Up A Windows 10 Development Environment with WSL, PHP & Laravel

Guide & Tutorial on setting up WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) with a Laravel/PHP development stack for simplified coding on Windows 10.

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Beautiful, organised results in PHPUnit

A small extension for PHPUnit to beautify and orgnaise tests. Where have you been?

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Chrome 63 Forces Redirection of .dev Domains to HTTPS

Chrome 63 now forces all domains ending in .dev to be redirected to HTTPS and directly killed my local stack overnight.

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Setting Up and Using Yarn

How to set up and use Yarn (a JavaScript package manager) in replace of NPM whilst keeping your usual workflow.

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Using Visual Studio Code (with 5 Recommended Extensions)

A break down of Visual Studio Code with five recommended extensions to get you up and running when moving from Sublime or Atom.

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